Everything is Connected… Cockpit Country and Goat Islands

It is critical that we begin to see the connections in the environment and between the environment and each aspect of our lives. The sooner we do, the better off we will be.

As things stand, while we may be able to sustain our exploits of earth’s resources, WE CERTAINLY CANNOT AFFORD IT.

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I am returning to the issue of environmental conservation, because I have a sense of urgency. Somehow, I don’t want to leave this one till later. Time is pressing, so bear with me.

A glorious photograph of Jamaica's Cockpit Country by Ted Lee Eubanks. A glorious photograph of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country by Ted Lee Eubanks.

Because, as one speaker at this evening’s public forum at the University of Technology (UTech) said, we must realize that “everything is connected.” That is one fundamental fact that so many people don’t seem to be aware of – until it is too late and some disaster has occurred. In other words, on our small island, something that happens ten, twenty, thirty miles away down the coast will have an impact right here. If the Goat Islands are concreted over and the surrounding seas dredged, this will have negative effects both inland and along the coastline, throughout the Portland Bight Protected Area.

The discussion…

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I am a Jamaican journalist, writer, development worker and nascent 'social media student'. I have had a longstanding interest in environmental reporting, thanks in part to my first editor and good friend, Charmaine Clarke, who threw me, head first, into the coverage of same. I have no regrets.

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