Mike Shanahan

I met Mike Shanahan in my nascent years of the journey through the maze the end-of-year global climate change negotiations can be. In true Shanahan style, he served as a guide to me and many other journalists, ensuring we were able to make sense of it all, and in the interest of our diverse publics. Today, we are regarded as pros and that is thanks to him and the great team of Climate Change Media Partners, as they were known. Mike continues to inspire, this time, where art meets science. Cheers, Mike. Figs rock! I see that.


“Science and art ask the same questions.” — Lawrence Krauss, theoretical physicist and cosmologist.

Leonardo da Vinci was an artistic as well as a scientific genius of the Renaissance period when the study of art and science was not perceived as separate fields. The world also has seen great achievers in the field of science such as Albert Einstein and Richard Fenyman who were scientists as well as artists at the same time.  A scientist being a serious artist is a rare phenomenon today. The number of scientists using arts to assist in their research or science communication is still a minority.

Mike shanahan Mike Shanahan

While there are a handful of scientists in the field of Ecology like Nalini Nadkarni, the well known canopy biologist who reaches out to the non scientific audience through art to create awareness on Forest Canopies, Mike Shananan is a rare class of ecologist who harbours…

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